Wild Side Zoo - Cared for by a family - Run from a Home.

Wild Side Zoo is an entertainment company that combines our natural love and adoration of animals  with performance art to bring audiences of all ages an engaging, interactive experience not soon to be forgotten.  

Since opening in 2004, Wild Side Zoo has grown from a weekend birthday party business to a 7 day a week, 365 day a year animal exhibition company

that both educates and entertains in an array of niches.  


We have been routinely trusted by teachers, school and private association administrators, scout leaders, and senior living event coordinators, corporate entities, and of course, proud birthday party parents over 2,400 times to date.  

The story begins with the first animal show......

Who?  A father, a pet shop owner, and Me, Brian.  

What?  The entertainment for a boy's birthday party.  

When?  Not quite sure exactly, but sometime in the early 2000's.

Where?  A backyard in Staten Island, NY. 

Why?  Because some  boy's dad had an idea.  

And this is the story that set my entire adult life in motion.  

The Story of  Brian Wild.