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May 2021: 39 Families chose Wild Side Zoo to celebrate a Birthday last month alone! 
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 Birthdays and special occasions are one of the best parts of childhood for both kids and parents alike.


Opportunities to create lasting memories happen once a year, and we look forward to making your party outstanding.  

This is a responsibility we do not take lightly


Maximum Animal Interaction Guaranteed

All of our animals can be pet throughout your program.   Closely supervised assisted handling opportunities  drive the excitement, especially for your animal loving guest of honor.  Adults are encouraged to participate as well.   

Testimonials from recent Wild Side Zoo Clients
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Signature Party Package

One Hour of Enterainment

Presented to your audience by a state licensed wildlife exhibitor and professional entertainer.  Indoors or outside, at home or venue.  

Featuring 10-12 Animals

Our diverse animal cast will include reptiles, birds, mammals, and  an invertabrate too!  

Snakes, Lizards and tortoises, from small to humongous!  A baby reptile or two help warm up the audience, and they get bigger as the show goes on, leading up to one of our large boa constrictors or pythons, and a giant tortoise too!

In addition to reptiles, your program will include a combination of furry and feathered friends.  Our Rabbits, chinchillas, ducks, hedgehogs, Roosters, and doves add that soft animal charm to the show!  

One of our "bugs" round out your critter cast.  It isn't a party until a tarantula shows up!  

What to Expect

Your show begins with a friendly introduction and salute to the guest of honor, along with a quick story of how the animals are accustomed to being around new humans, and are mild mannered and very safe. 


Instructions on how we will be interacting with the animals and some easy rules to help warm the audience up come next, along with assurances that we will respect everyones space if they do not wish a certain animal comes too close.  


Each of the animals remains in its travel carrier until its turn, during which that animal is carried around  the audience to allow participants to pet the animal while descriptions are given and questions are both asked and answered.  Children love to show off their knowledge, and ask questions based on interests as well.  The entertainer will guide children to repeat after me, shout answers, and get everyone excited to participate.  


After an animal makes its rounds, the guest of honor is invited to participate in supervised and guided handling, based on their age, abiulity, and the particular animal. For each animal, additional audience members are invited to follow the birthday child, so that throughout the program, everyone in the audience has  several opportunities to maximize interaction!     

It is important to us that parents have every opportunity possible to snap amazing photos and capture videos as the show goes on, and many of the handling procedures are done in a way to enable you to do so!  

Program Pricing:

Starting at $375. Travel Fees added outside of our 50 mile radius, and all NYC locations.  

(His school hosts our programs)

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