Welcome to The Wild Side

Humans have been intrigued by the animals that inhabit our planet for thousands of years, yet opportunities to interact

with wildlife seem more scarce than ever.   

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WE can change that together.....

Let us  Bring the Zoo to You!

 Already familiar with our service and have a date in mind for your event?

Check entertainment off your to do list today!

Our mission is to provide your family and guests with a unique and memorable

experience that is so exciting, they'll ask for the animal guy again next year. 

Our passion for entertaining audiences and inspiring kids to make a connection to the natural world around them is only matched by our own obsessive love for our animals.  


The Animal Handlers that Bring the Zoo to You




We are Ready to share our enthusiasm for wildlife with your audience, and pride ourselves on the patience it takes to safely engage excited children with our animals!  


We have returned to booking in person events


Virtual Programs are Still Available for both

Schools and Birthday Parties!