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Small Group ZOOM sessions

Do you need a constructive, interactive activity for your child?

Let Wild Side Zoo indulge your child's love for animals.   Our encounter sessions are designed to excite and entertain.  Lets have some fun!  


Children will have an engaging experience with several amazing animals over the course of each session. 


Limited group sizes  ensure everyone feels included.   Sessions will be scheduled by age  to ensure kids are grouped with peers.  Invite a friend!

We utilize two webcams which  enables your host to  address the group, and to then get up close views of each animal so young enthusiasts will observe scales, feathers, eyes, ears, and fangs in ways they would not be able to experience in real life scenarios.  


Interaction guaranteed.   This is not just show and tell!  Upon booking, you will be emailed a short, questionnaire to fill out if you wish, so the program can be conducted with each child's interests in mind.  

Wild Side Zoo's Zoom Room

This is how We Bring The Zoo to You


This is the view from the main camera. We set up a backdrop for  our programs,

complete with some of our animals, props, and decorations.  This creates an

exciting environment, brings a unique feel to the meeting.  

Secondary camera for up close views


A second, detached webcam adds great visual close ups as each animal is exhibited.  During the experiences, utilizing two cameras keeps the program flowing.  Changing visuals creates a dynamic presentation, allowing for detailed examination of eyes, scales, feathers, and fangs! 

This is unique and in some cases, cannot be done in person!   

Our Introductory Session Is Open

Our current Session is an introductory session titled "We Love Animals" and features 5-6 animals from different animal groups over a 50 minute program with Brian Wild.  Spots are open on several days over the next two weeks for either the Pre K through 1st grade age group

AND the 2nd through 5th grade age group.  


We have created multiple options for your animal lover, and these session topics will also be open to both age ranges.  Titles are listed below.  We will be adding these to the booking calendar in the near future.   

Signing up to our email list will grant you early enrollment options, discounts, and rainy day releases!  

Baby Reptiles

Lizards 101

Life In a Shell

Spectacular Spiders

Life without Bones

Who lives near me?

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